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Film Friday: Doune Castle (Monty Python)


September 14, 2012 by Amanda

Each Friday, I’ll be briefly profiling a specific location somewhere in the world that has been featured in a movie or TV show.

This week, the site is Doune Castle in Scotland.

Doune Castle

There’s a good chance that you’ve probably never heard of this castle in Scotland’s Stirling district — unless you are a Monty Python fan.

Screen capture from “Monty Python and the Holy Grail.”

The year was 1974, and the Monty Python crew of comic geniuses was filming “Monty Python and the Holy Grail,” a parody of the legends of King Arthur. Originally, the producers had permission from the National Trust for Scotland to film scenes at various castles around the country, as well as permission from the private owners of Doune Castle to film there.

But then the National Trust decided to rescind its offer — leaving the producers with few options. In the end, they decided to film different parts and angles of Doune Castle to depict a variety of castles in the film.

Screen capture from “Monty Python and the Holy Grail.”

Scenes filmed at Doune Castle include:

  • King Arthur and Patsy approaching the castle and arguing with soldiers of the garrison about swallows and coconuts.
  • The “French taunting” scenes (see video).
  • The “Knights of the Round Table” and “Camelot” song/dance routines, which were filmed in the castle’s Great Hall.
  • Castle Anthrax scenes, where Sir Galahad is chased by seductive, half-nude girls.
  • The wedding disrupted by Sir Lancelot (where everyone ends up dead and he “saves” the prince).
  • The “Trojan Rabbit” scene.

(Watch the video to be amused by the “French taunting” scenes, which are some of my favorites!)


Not surprisingly, Doune Castle has now become akin to a place of pilgrimage for Monty Python fans, with some even going so far as dressing up and re-enacting scenes.

Doune Castle


You better believe that I stood outside telling my tourmates that their mothers were hamsters and their fathers smelt of elderberries!



Are YOU a Monty Python fan? Would you stop to visit this castle in Scotland?




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