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Film Friday: Chippewa Square (Forrest Gump)


July 5, 2013 by Amanda

On occasional Fridays, I’ll be briefly profiling a specific location somewhere in the world that has been featured in a movie or TV show.

This week, the site is Chippewa Square in Savannah, Georgia.

Chippewa Square

Savannah, GA is known for quite a few things. It was one of the first planned cities in America. It’s home to the scandalized Paula Deen — and the Girl Scouts. And it’s also known for its leafy green squares.

Dotted around downtown Savannah are 22 quiet squares — the perfect places to sit on a bench and dreamily watch a hot summer day pass by.

Various squares in Savannah are known for certain things. Ghost stories, sites of historic battles, etc. But one square in particular draws visitors because of a bench. A bench, I might add, that is no longer even there.

Chippewa Square

Today when you visit the back side of Chippewa Square, there is a roped-off section right around the square’s sign. This is not to protect the sign — it’s to keep people from trampling the spot where Forrest Gump’s bench sat in the beloved movie of the same name.

Forrest Gump

Screen capture from “Forrest Gump.”

Yes, Forrest was sitting at Chippewa Square, telling his life story to people as he waited for a bus. In the opening scene of the movie, you can watch that famous little white feather drift down past the Independent Presbyterian Church to land at Forrest’s feet at Chippewa Square.

Chippewa Square

Forrest Gump

Screen capture from “Forrest Gump.”

The bench, sadly, is no longer located at the square — you now have to go to the Savannah History Museum to see it.

But that fact, of course, doesn’t stop Forrest fans from visiting the square and posing for photos on benches anyway.

Chippewa Square


Would you take a silly Forrest photo here?




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