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Guest Post: Movie-Making Valley in Oahu, Hawaii


September 17, 2014 by Amanda

The island of Oahu in Hawaii is probably one of the most recognizable movie shoots. Its towering mountains covered in luscious green plant life with sparkling waterfalls cascading down the valleys have been seen in many big movies including Jurassic Park and hit TV series like Lost. Other than being chased by raptors, Ka’a’awa Valley has a lot of beauty to offer. It’s actually a highly trafficked tourist area and can be easily accessed on pretty much any mode of transportation.

I was actually fortunate enough to tour the famous valley myself on something that offered the best view possible: an airplane. I was able to share a plane ride with 9 other lucky souls on a Cessna, which we chartered during an island hop from the Big Island.

Let me tell you, this place is absolutely beautiful. The movies don’t begin to do it justice. Rising mountains covered in thick plant life for miles and miles. The occasional waterfall, and the realization that you’re in the exact spot were countless movies have been filmed.


Ka’a’awa Valley is actually owned by Kualoa Ranch, a company taking maximum advantage of the now-famous valley. They offer multiple different tours, and like I said earlier, they offer them on nearly every mode of transportation. I’m not exaggerating that either — you can see the valley on horseback, ATV, or 6-wheel utility vehicle. You can even tour on a boat, which gets you pretty close to the valley while letting you check out other sites as well. After having flew near the coast, I can personally guarantee that the view from the coast is just as magnificent.

If you’re seeking the air experience, you’ll have to purchase that from another company. However, I do know from my time there that you can charter both airplanes and helicopter tours that will take you to multiple spots and explain where you are and what you’re seeing. Heck, if you’re up for it, you can even parasail in the area and get that amazing birds eye view for far less money.


Hawaii, particularly Oahu, was easily the most scenic vacation I’ve ever taken. It’s no wonder so many movies are shot there — it truly gives that “straight out of a movie” feeling. I would highly recommend going there, if only to see where some of the most successful movies in the world were filmed.

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Alexander Bailey is a movie buff and technology writer. He enjoys writing about the latest technology as well as the latest box office hits. He’s been creating websites in both of those categories for over a decade and is an avid blogger.


  1. Watching Lost made me fall in love with Hawaii, especially Oahu. I can’t wait to visit someday soon
    Craig from New England recently posted..A Relaxing Seafood Dinner at Roy Moore’s Fish ShackMy Profile

    • Amanda says:

      Me too! It really made you want to be on that mysterious island. (And the fact that you can still go to a lot of Lost filming sites is pretty awesome!)

  2. matt says:

    What a great Post! The photos are amazing, and your account of your time traveling around by Cessna was awesome! I can’t wait to take my Drone and GoPro camera back to the Islands. I’d love to capture some of the beauty of Hawaii that can only be captured from the Air!

    Thanks again for this great post!

    matt recently posted..Aloha – The Movie…My Profile

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