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Guest Post: Exploring London’s Movie Sets


March 16, 2015 by Amanda

Every movie buff knows how crucial the city of London is in the film industry, being frequently used as both a film setting and location. From historical adaptations to romantic comedies to crime thrillers, London has been central for film directors, often being a top destination for their movie sets. Although not every film that features the city as their setting is actually filmed in London due to limited budgets, it’s been recreated countless times in studio backlots in Hollywood.

Tourists are dying to set foot on the London’s iconic streets to check out all of Bond’s meeting points in Skyfall, to take a walk through Rosmead Gardens in Notting Hill, and to observe landmarks such as Trafalgar Square that secretly send chills down their spines as it reminds of them of all the thrillers filmed there. The city offers an abundance to film fanatics, allowing them to admire and recall favorite scenes as they take a bus tour for Harry Potter locations, or walk through the mysterious alleys featured in Sherlock Holmes.

The versatility of London as a film setting is astounding. The cultural history of the city deems it a perfect location for period movies dated between pre-Victorian times and the post-war era, but the modernity of London also makes it ideal for interconnecting plots, such as the storylines of Love Actually. The genres of film and TV that use London as the backdrop is limitless, drawing in anyone and everyone that enjoys feature presentations on the silver screen.


If you’d like to travel to London and tour the city from a cinematographic perspective, Heathrow and London City are the closest airports to the city centre, with London City Airport only six miles away, according to Parking4Less. There are six international airports in the metropolitan area, and a number of smaller airports catering to domestic flyers.

For more information on film and TV location tours, Brit Movie Tours has a wide selection of guided tours that movie fans can choose from.


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