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Film & Travel seeks to highlight interesting places around the world where famous movies and TV shows have been filmed.

From New Zealand mountains to Hawaiian valleys, this site will take you to some of the coolest places you’ve seen up on the big screen.

Platform 9 3/4

Ever since falling in love with New Zealand landscapes through the “Lord of the Rings” films more than a decade ago, I’ve been interested in the phenomenon of film tourism — the acting of traveling to a place just because you saw it in a movie or on TV.

It’s not a new phenomenon by any means; people have been making trips akin to pilgrimages to famous filming sites for decades. But as far as I know, nobody has yet dedicated a blog to it.

I hope you’ll enjoy coming along on the journey!

Weta Cave

Smooching Gollum at the Weta Cave in Wellington, NZ.

Here are a few fun facts about me and my film tourism experiences:

  • I’ve taken “Lord of the Rings”-themed tours in New Zealand.
  • I’ve held an Academy Award.
  • Salzburg is on my “must-see” list thanks to its “Sound of Music” ties.
  • I’ve sought out the “Jurassic Park” valley in Hawaii (which is coincidentally also where they filmed a lot of scenes for the TV series “LOST”).
  • I am most definitely one of those dorks who lurked around London’s Kings Cross Station in order to find Platform 9 3/4.
  • I may or may not have sleuthed out the “Full House” house in San Francisco.


This site is brought to you by travel blogger Amanda Williams of A Dangerous Business.


  1. Joseph says:

    Yey, you also did the King’s Cross “stuck” trolley push. As a rabid Harry Potter fan, so did I. And yes, when I get to NZ, the Lord of the Rings tour is on top of my list; the second is zorbing 🙂
    Joseph recently posted..Cover release – The Mark of AthenaMy Profile

    • Amanda says:

      LotR and zorbing… awesome! I haven’t actually been to London yet, but I will be later this summer, and I fully intend to get that photo at King’s Cross!

  2. Kurt says:

    Lord of the rings was a great series. I love the idea of a blog dedicated to travel destinations from movies! Looking forward to following along.

  3. Robert says:

    Hi Amanda,

    I love your site and was wondering you you would like to exchange links?

    – Robert

    The GlobeTrekker

  4. Bean says:

    Well who wouldn’t love New Zeland, after all some of the greatest movies where filmed there, like the Lord of the Rings

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